An Ir­rev­er­ent View of our Is­land Driv­ing

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Any­one will tell you that Saint Lu­cia has its own style of driv­ing - and roads for that mat­ter! Rent­ing a car is a great way to see the is­land, but you’ll need to keep a few of our idio­syn­cra­sies in mind, and al­ways drive with cau­tion. Way back in 1989, TT used to give the fol­low­ing Lu­cian driv­ing guide­lines, and on re­view, they seem to be pretty darned ac­cu­rate even 25 years later, so buckle up, en­joy and don’t take us too se­ri­ously!

Al­ways over­take up a hill, es­pe­cially if you are go­ing up a hill round a bend. Don’t dip your head­lights at any cost; you might avoid blind­ing some­one. If you are turn­ing left, in­di­cate to turn right, or don’t in­di­cate at all. Bet­ter still, put on both haz­ard-warn­ing lights – that will re­ally con­fuse your fel­low driv­ers! Pull out onto a main road with­out both­er­ing to look left and right – jus go for it and cross your fin­gers. Drive as fast as you can in all weather con­di­tions. Keep as close to the car in front as you can. When do­ing this at night don’t for­get to have your head­lights on glare. If you see an at­trac­tive fe­male or male at the road­side, slow down and give them the eye, but never look in your mir­ror to see if there are any cars be­hind you. Al­ways over­take when you have the urge; re­mem­ber Saint Lu­cians’ own rules of the road – when in doubt, over­take! Re­mem­ber that if you drive a trans­port (bus) or a truck you own the road, so don’t dig noth­ing with all th­ese other cars! Most im­por­tant of all, Fri­day night is fun night, so put on your in­di­ca­tors, haz­ards and head­lights on full beam, foot hard on the ac­cel­er­a­tor and drive like a ma­niac till your heart’s con­tent!

Weird & Won­der­ful Fac­toid: Did you know many Saint Lu­cian driv­ers take their cars to lo­cal rivers for a good wash at the week­end? Don't worry, they aren't stranded!

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