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Saint Lu­cia’s North­west Coast­line Is Per­fect For Hik­ing

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Saint Lu­cia is known as a haven for laid back lux­ury, sun, sea and sand, but the is­land is packed with things to do that are a lit­tle more en­er­getic, if you’re that sort of va­ca­tioner. Hik­ing, for ex­am­ple; that most hum­ble of healthy pas­times that re­quires only a de­cent pair of shoes and a sense of di­rec­tion. There are hik­ing trails all around Saint Lu­cia, from the rain forests of the in­te­rior to the iconic Pi­tons them­selves, which are per­haps the pin­na­cle of hik­ing on the is­land, if you’ll par­don the pun. shady trees al­low for a rest be­fore mov­ing on to the wild and won­der­ful Don­key Beach, so called – we think – be­cause the only way to reach it used to be by a four-legged, faith­ful friend. The At­lantic Ocean crashes on the north­west coast, but don’t be fooled by the white­caps and rollers – the wa­ter is as warm as it is on the Caribbean side, so make sure to bring a towel for a restora­tive swim af­ter the hike. There is some­times a build-up of sea­weed called sar­gas­sum, which is sea­sonal and af­fected by cli­mate change, so in 2014 the chal­lenge was to keep the beaches as clear as pos­si­ble. You might also be sur­prised to see the edges of some of these beau­ti­ful beaches lit­tered with plas­tic bot­tles, ropes and other de­tri­tus, mainly from yachts, ships and other ma­rine ves­sels, which sweeps on land and ac­cu­mu­lates un­til clean-up crews get to it. The north­west coast­line of­fers some par­tic­u­larly scenic hik­ing routes, along cliff tops and grassy tracks over­look­ing the wild, sap­phire-blue At­lantic Ocean and rocky head­lands. Con­stant trade winds keep hik­ers cool, as well as carv­ing some in­ter­est­ing shapes out of the con­stantly windswept shrubs and trees along the way. Some of the trails are easy and per­fect for be­gin­ners to han­dle, and if you’re a sea­soned hiker you won’t be dis­ap­pointed by some of the more stren­u­ous, hilly routes. One of the eas­i­est ways to get a snap­shot of our wilder side is to head to Cas En Bas Beach and take the path north to­wards Se­cret Beach and Don­key Beach; the trails are well de­fined and easy for any level of hiker, while the vis­tas are as breath­tak­ing as the breeze. From Mar­jorie’s beach bar, turn left and fol­low the tracks up, up, up, tak­ing in a bird’s eye view of Cas En Bas with its flocks of ac­ro­batic kite-surfers and rocky out­crops. Cas En Bas is also the site of an­cient burial grounds, where the re­mains of Arawak In­di­ans were dis­cov­ered and un­earthed. Se­cret Beach is just that, a tiny, pri­vate spot where the

You might be sur­prised at the abun­dance of sar­gas­sum - the sea­weed that has in­vaded the Caribbean over the past year.

TT Tip: GO GREEN- Bring at least one big garbage bag and pick up a lit­tle. Once bagged, garbage can be taken home and dumped, or at least re­moved eas­ier by the waste man­age­ment au­thor­i­ties.

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