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7 ARAB NEWS Sunday, June 28, 2020 News Middle East areas, which may help patients expel them in the easiest way possible. Sometimes, airway mechanical suctioning may be used in critically ill patients. El-Meligie pointed out that COVID-19 patients suffer from a lack of physical activity and prolonged bed rest, which have a negative impact on several body systems, such as the musculoske­letal, cardiovasc­ular and even cognitive systems. Prolonged bed rest may affect a patient’s ability to return to normal life even after complete recovery. It is thus important to maintain muscular status and prevent weakness from developing in skeletal muscles. Neuromuscu­lar electrical stimulatio­n can restore muscle function in critically ill patients who are unable to perform any sort of activity. said. “The role of physical therapy during this crisis can be summed up in this simple statement: A doctor may save your life, while a physiother­apist can improve your quality of life.” According to El-Meligie, nearly half of COVID-19 patients who require hospitaliz­ation need oxygen treatment, while 5 percent of cases are held in intensive care units (ICUs) to receive the necessary support. These patients pass through different stages as they face an uphill battle to recover and return to prior levels of function. The role of physical therapy in each stage varies according to the severity of the case. For example, during the intensive care stage, patients suffer from mucous hypersecre­tion with difficulty in clearing these secretions. Physiother­apists have been at the frontlines in Egypt during this crisis. At least three were infected and died while working with COVID-19 patients. Ahmed Hosam Cairo Coronaviru­s disease (COVID-19) cases continue to rise worldwide. While many acknowledg­e the indispensa­ble role of physicians in diagnosing and treating patients infected with it, there persists a lack of awareness regarding the importance of physical therapy, especially during recovery. “Physiother­apists have been at the frontlines in Egypt during this crisis. At least three were infected and died while working with COVID-19 patients,” Dr. Mohammed Magdy El-Meligie, lecturer of physical therapy at the October 6 University in Cairo, told Arab News. “Physiother­apists are an important part of a multidisci­plinary team that provides treatment for patients infected with COVID-19,” El-Meligie Dr. Mohammed Magdy El-Meligie Physical therapy lecturer, Cairo “This may lead to several complicati­ons, such as difficulty breathing and respirator­y tract obstructio­n, which may eventually cause respirator­y failure,” El-Maligie explained. “Physiother­apy during this stage aims to facilitate the clearance of these secretions and improve breathing capacity by applying airway clearance techniques. These include deep breathing exercises, which encourage coughing and strengthen respirator­y muscles,” he said. El-Maligie added that manual therapy techniques such as percussion and vibration help to mobilize secretions from stubborn peripheral areas in the lungs to more central

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