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6 ARAB NEWS Wednesday, July 1, 2020 News Middle East JOBS VACANCY 1- CIVIL ENGINEER WITH EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTI­ONAL DESIGNS AND SITE EXECUTION 2- ARCHITECT WITH EXPERIENCE IN IMPLEMENTI­NG INTERIOR FINISHES AND DÉCOR AND WORKING ON – Auto cad & 3D max Applicant must be fluency in English and minimum eight years of experience­s in the same field. Preferred filipino national with transferra­ble iqama. CV- will be sent to the e- mail: this means the whole government will resign,” said the anti-corruption minister, Mohamed Abbou. Last week, an independen­t member of parliament published documents indicating that companies Fakhfakh owns shares in had won deals worth 44 million dinars ($15 million) from the state. Fakhfakh told parliament he was ready to resign if any violation was proved, but added that he had sold his shares in the companies and rejected accusation­s of corruption. The row comes as Tunisia tries to put state finances on a sounder footing after years of deficit spending and mounting public debt — issues the coronaviru­s crisis has turbo-charged. Fakhfakh became premier only in February after September’s election produced a fractured parliament in which no party took more than a quarter of the seats, leading to months of political crisis. “The prime minister said that if the error is proven he will resign — and Reuters Tunis Requiremen­ts for Operation and Maintenanc­e Company (Sabic, Aramco & Madden Plant) Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh faces opposition party demands to resign over an alleged conflict of interest, potentiall­y unraveling the fragile governing coalition. The anti-corruption minister said on Tuesday that he had assigned a public watchdog to look into the issue and report back within three weeks, and that Fakhfakh had promised to step down if investigat­ors found wrongdoing. HeaY\ 'Xt\ 'riYer 5oad (TXipment 2perator(mXst - - (sKoXOd KaYe 9aOid .6A /iFense) KaYe 6aXdi /iFense oI 5oad (TXipment 'riYer ZitK good e[perienFe - 'ieseO MeFKaniF - MeFKaniFaO 7eFKniFian 6- Camp Boss (HACCP Certified) - /aEor (MaintenanF­e COeaning) 1ote ProMeFt /oFation - (OeFtriFaO 7eFKniFian (MaintenanF­e ([p mXst Ior aOO MeFKaniF 7eFKniFian­s) 7- Catering Manager (HACCP Certified) Candidates mXst KoOd 7ransIeraE­Oe ,Tama AO- -XEaiO (-maiO MoE 6

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