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At the heart of this watch is the hand-wound Cal­i­bre 94800, which boasts two bar­rels that store up to 96 hours of power re­serve. This mas­sive well of en­ergy is reg­u­lated by a patented con­stant-force mech­a­nism, which en­gages and dis­en­gages the es­cape­ment (the watch’s me­chan­i­cal heart) in one-sec­ond in­ter­vals that con­tin­u­ally store and dis­pense en­ergy to keep the watch tick­ing at a con­stant rate.

The con­stant­force mech­a­nism is un­derneath the tour­bil­lon. A wheel locks and re­leases the mech­a­nism con­stantly to reg­u­late dis­per­sion

of the en­ergy The tour­bil­lon bridge acts as a sec­ond hand. The move­ment of the con­stant­force mech­a­nism pro­pels the hand for­ward once ev­ery sec­ond

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