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The in­de­pen­dent brand up­dates the fusee-and-chain sys­tem in­vented in the 15th cen­tury to tackle the con­stant­force is­sue with a new ma­te­rial and com­po­nent. The key prin­ci­ples re­main: The bi­cy­cle chain-like mech­a­nism coils and un­coils si­mul­ta­ne­ously at ei­ther end to en­sure steady torque and en­ergy trans­mis­sion. How­ever, the watch­maker has for­ti­fied the sys­tem with a chain of low-fric­tion and hard-wear­ing syn­thetic ru­bies, as well as a snail cam in place of a cone-shaped fusee, which re­lieves stress on the chain.

The tra­di­tional cone-shape fusee is re­placed by a slow-ro­tat­ing snail cam, which al­lows en­ergy to be trans­mit­ted in a straight line and us­ing just one

short line of chain

Strength of the chain is im­proved

with syn­thetic ru­bies and a new snap-clip sys­tem to

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