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An art form that stretches back many cen­turies, enam­elling is a la­bo­ri­ous process. The enam­el­list first grinds glass of dif­fer­ent colours into fine pow­der, then uses it to fill in the im­age on a me­tal sur­face. One tech­nique is cham­pleve, where the enamel is placed in cells with pat­terns pre-carved on the me­tal sur­face, and an­other is cloi­sonne, where fine gold wires form the pat­terns that will hold the enamel. The colours must be ap­plied one layer at a time. Af­ter each layer, the enamel is fired in a high-heat oven at be­tween 800 and 900 deg C, in a fas­tid­i­ous process known as Grand Feu (“high fire”). The enam­el­list de­ter­mines ex­actly how long the enamel must be baked to get the right colour. The

Vacheron Con­stantin Metiers d’Art Flo­ri­lege watch fea­tures Grand Feu enam­elling on an en­graved dial.

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