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In­spired by Italy’s 16th-cen­tury street theatre tra­di­tion, the col­lec­tion com­prises three watches, each bear­ing a hand-en­graved and painted dial that de­picts iconic char­ac­ters – Brighella,

Pul­cinella and Har­lequin – set against the back­drop of a palazzo. When the minute re­peater is ac­ti­vated, the tiny fig­urines spring to life, wav­ing their arms and turn­ing their heads as if in a per­for­mance. The minute re­peater mech­a­nism here is a bit un­usual in that the gongs are longer than typ­i­cal ones. They wrap around the case twice in­stead of once, so as to emit deeper and louder chimes when they are struck.

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