24-7 (Singapore) - - O For .... Opus Series -

This edi­tion is in­spired by pin art games, which cre­ate 3-D im­pres­sions when ob­jects are pressed against them. De­signer Fred­eric Garin­aud, for­merly from move­ment-mak­ing spe­cial­ist Re­naud & Papi, de­signed the com­pli­ca­tion that shows the time via a “dig­i­tal” dis­play on a dial with cal­cu­la­tor-style nu­mer­als. On the dial is a four-digit hour dis­play – two for the hour and two for the time of day. (If it’s eight at night, the dial will show 08PM.) Min­utes are read off a lin­ear counter that goes from zero to 55 in five-minute seg­ments.

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