24-7 (Singapore) - - O For .... Opus Series -

At first glance, the Opus 11 looks a like a mess of strewn jig­saw bits, ex­cept for the cen­tre of the dial, where the hour is dis­played. But at the top of each hour, some­thing mag­i­cal hap­pens: The seem­ingly dis­parate pieces of bro­ken-up nu­mer­als, as well as the pieces that form hour time, au­to­mat­i­cally dis­as­sem­ble and as­sem­ble again to re­veal the new hour at the dial cen­tre. This is done via an in­ge­nious sys­tem com­pris­ing four satel­lites that are mounted on a ro­tat­ing plat­form, each with three pairs of num­bered plac­ards. The watch is the brain­child of Denis Giguet, who owns bou­tique brand MCT.

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