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In­spired by plan­e­tary move­ments, Opus 10 uses ro­tat­ing plates – one each for hours, min­utes, sec­onds – mounted on a ro­tat­ing plat­form, to dis­play time. As time passes, the three plates move in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion like a satel­lite re­volv­ing around the plan­ets. A sec­ond time zone is in­di­cated on the pe­riph­eral num­bered in­ner bezel, and there is a lin­ear power re­serve in­di­ca­tor on the back. The watch is cre­ated by Jean-Fran­cois Mo­jon, who used to ply his trade with the Swatch Group and brands like IWC Schaffhausen be­fore set­ting up his own com­pany, Chron­ode, in 2005.

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