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WHO THEY ARE Founded by Swiss-born watch­maker Pierre Ja­quet Droz in the late 1800s, it made watches, clocks and au­toma­tons (an­i­mated time­keep­ers). By the end of the 18th cen­tury, Ja­quet Droz had three out­lets in Lon­don, La Chauxde-Fonds (both opened in 1774) and Geneva (1784). CLAIM TO FAME The first self-wind­ing watches, and wind­ing by means of a slide on the band as seen in The Singing Bird. WHAT’S HOT The Charm­ing Bird, a watch with a bird au­tom­a­ton that whis­tles a bird song when ac­ti­vated. RETAILS AT The Hour Glass and Cortina Watch

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