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is an ad­dic­tive sport. It at­tracts peo­ple from all over the world to ex­pe­ri­ence some­thing ab­nor­mal – an alien world. With div­ing be­ing such an adren­a­line-fu­elled sport, accidents are bound to hap­pen. Along with the Divers Alert Net­work (DAN), we ex­plore some of the most com­mon mis­takes that divers make when div­ing

It hap­pens. Overly ex­cited divers get into the wa­ter and for­get the steps of their pre­dive checks. With no air in your BCD, and no air through your reg­u­la­tor, a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent can hap­pen fast. Al­ways con­duct a proper pre-dive check be­fore ev­ery sin­gle dive

“Equalise lightly and fre­quently” is a re­peated mantra on many an Open Wa­ter course. It’s im­por­tant to equalise when you de­scend. Ex­pe­ri­enc­ing pain in your ear? It’s al­ready too late. Equalise ev­ery me­tre on your way down and don’t force it A lit­tle bit of ex­tra weight is no big deal, but be­ing se­ri­ously over­weighted – mak­ing re­main­ing neu­trally buoy­ant near-im­pos­si­ble – is dan­ger­ous. If you are one of the un­lucky divers who missed out on “proper weight­ing and buoyancy con­trol”, then we sug­gest get­ting a re­fresher course to have an in­struc­tor/ men­tor fine-tune your weight­ing, buoyancy and trim

Some divers burn through their gas faster than a leak­ing oven – ex­cited over a first-time sight­ing of a shark, or ner­vous at get­ting left be­hind. Over 18 me­tres deep, pan­ick­ing and starved of air is a po­si­tion that no diver wants to be in. On a dive, you need to know three things: How much gas you have, what depth you’re at, and what your no de­com­pres­sion limit is. Be­ing dili­gent of these fac­tors will mit­i­gate any risks when un­der­wa­ter Of­ten, many divers let the guide take full con­trol. Don’t let this hap­pen. Main­tain your aware­ness, hold your at­ten­tion and have some ac­count­abil­ity. It pays to know where you’re headed and whether there’s a dan­ger, be­cause if some­thing does hap­pen, you are re­spon­si­ble for your­self

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