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Us­ing a rental set or bor­rowed equip­ment? Get fa­mil­iarised with it be­fore jump­ing into the wa­ter

Check your equip­ment is func­tion­ing and have a buddy run through it be­fore get­ting into the wa­ter

Dry your gear in a cool and ven­ti­lated area away from the sun! It pro­longs the life of your gear and pre­vents it from be­com­ing worn

A slight hiss­ing sound com­ing from your reg­u­la­tor? Don’t risk it – use an­other set. A small hiss al­ways leads to big­ger prob­lems

your gear in good con­di­tion and be­ing fa­mil­iar with it is vi­tal to help­ing you stay safe when you go div­ing – it could even save your life. Ken­neth Tan pro­vides 10 tips for dive gear safety. Only rinse your gear with fresh wa­ter or clean­ing so­lu­tions for div­ing equip­ment – you never know what other clean­ing agents may do to those O-rings in your reg­u­la­tor

Test­ing out new equip­ment or tak­ing a buddy for their first dive? Test your gear in shal­low wa­ter first and work out safety pro­ce­dures with your buddy

Don’t ne­glect your dive com­puter – ser­vice it reg­u­larly and make sure that the bat­ter­ies are fresh

Stream­line your equip­ment! Pre­vent en­tan­gle­ment and in­ad­ver­tent harm to marine life Carry a cut­ting de­vice, a light and a high-vis­i­bil­ity marker buoy when­ever pos­si­ble.

You never know when you might need it

Haven’t dived for a while? Go for a re­fresher course!

By Ken­neth Tan, 300BAR.Asia

Ken­neth Tan

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