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A study on the fun­da­men­tal pat­terns in the evo­lu­tion of an­i­mal life has dis­cov­ered that by liv­ing closer to the Earth’s poles, cer­tain ma­rine an­i­mals ac­tu­ally have a longer life­span than other mem­bers of their species lo­cated else­where. Bi­valves such as oys­ters, clams, scal­lops and mus­sels – ma­rine mol­luscs that have lat­er­ally com­pressed bod­ies en­closed by a shell com­pris­ing of two hinged parts – live longer if they re­side in the North or South Pole, com­pared to the trop­ics.

Cephalopods pos­sess a set of traits that al­low them to adapt to chang­ing oceans

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