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that the av­er­age per­son gen­er­ates two kilo­grams of waste per day? This is nearly dou­ble that pro­duced back in the 1960s.

Where does it all go? Most of the trash we gen­er­ate ends up in land­fills or in the oceans. This is then in­gested by ma­rine an­i­mals, and af­fects ma­rine ecosys­tems. What we con­sume – and how we con­sume – has a di­rect im­pact on our planet. “Sin­gle use” dis­pos­able plas­tic in­cludes a wide range of prod­ucts, in­clud­ing all pack­ag­ing and plas­tic bags – pretty much any type of wrap­ping on al­most every­thing we con­sume or trans­port In­stead, find your­self a nice stain­less steel bot­tle and carry it ev­ery­where

If you love drink­ing out of a straw, why not in­vest in a per­sonal stain­less steel or bam­boo straw to to carry around with you in­stead? When you plan on swim­ming, snorkelling or scuba div­ing, be mind­ful of the type of sun­screen you use. The chem­i­cals in most com­mer­cial sun­screens are very harm­ful to reefs and ma­rine life. Some have an im­me­di­ate im­pact on corals and ma­rine ecosys­tems

As an ad­ven­turer, or “eco­tourist”, ev­ery ac­tion mat­ters. Next time you go snorkelling, don’t stand on the reef if you are tired – just let your­self float. If you are a smoker, make sure that you pocket your cig­a­rette butts, or carry a small con­tainer to keep them in

By Robert Scales, Ceningan Divers

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