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in which a player tests the strength of a struc­ture by re­mov­ing it piece by piece. Take one wrong piece, and the en­tire struc­ture collapses.

The struc­ture of the ocean is like Jenga: It can sur­vive with a few pieces miss­ing, but take one wrong piece and an en­tire ecosys­tem collapses. It’s no se­cret that sharks have such an im­por­tant role within the ocean’s struc­ture that they can be iden­ti­fied as a “wrong piece” to pull. Just like the game, for some rea­son you still want to test the “wrong piece”. Even when you’re warned of the con­se­quences, just like sci­en­tists warn of the po­ten­tial disas­ters, you pull it be­cause you think the struc­ture can take one more hit – an ocean with­out sharks. You pull that piece, and the struc­ture collapses. Be­cause of the thou­sands of wa­ter­ways that cut through the ma­jor­ity of the Earth’s land mass, many things that are dis­carded, even far in­land, have a ten­dency to make their way to the oceans. Float­ing on the sur­face, trap­ping fish or suf­fo­cat­ing pe­lagic species, your waste may well be deadly to ma­rine life. Plus, you don’t want any of your rub­bish en­ter­ing the ocean to add another me­tre of terra firma to the in­fa­mous Garbage Con­ti­nents in both the Pa­cific and At­lantic Ocean While plas­tic bags, and the small, thin trans­par­ent ones you get given at su­per­mar­kets are the worst cul­prits, all plas­tic prod­ucts are prob­lem­atic for the oceans and sharks. En­ter­ing the oceans’ food chain, plas­tic suf­fo­cates ma­rine life when con­sumed, and poi­sons them with its tox­ins Never use any prod­ucts (in­clud­ing makeup, lo­tions and deodorants) that con­tain squa­lene – shark liver oil. In fact, only buy cru­elty free Eat­ing at restau­rants or pur­chas­ing from stores that sell shark gives busi­nesses an eco­nomic in­cen­tive to con­tinue fish­ing for sharks. Take a stand: Re­search into a store’s prod­ucts be­fore buy­ing from there

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