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Hello ( Xin chào) Good­bye ( Tạm biệt)

the 16th to the 19th cen­turies. But dom­i­nat­ing this colour­ful lan­guage is Span­ish, with about 40 per­cent of in­for­mal con­ver­sa­tion made up of Span­ish words.

In the 16th cen­tury, Ta­ga­log was writ­ten in abugida, which com­prised sym­bols of three vow­els and 14 con­so­nants. It was sim­i­lar to the Old Kawi Ja­vanese script. Al­though it was pop­u­lar for some time, it slowly lost ground to the Latin al­pha­bet, which was taught by the Span­ish dur­ing their rule.

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