1180– 1377 EX­PE­RI­ENCE MUAY T H A I 1584 1180– 1377 1774

The best time to ex­pe­ri­ence and train in Muay Thai would be dur­ing the low sea­son be­tween April and Oc­to­ber. You will find fewer crowds dur­ing this time pe­riod and also ben­e­fit from low sea­son prices on train­ing and ac­com­mo­da­tion.

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Due to the con­stant threat of en­emy in­va­sions in the Sukhothai era, all males learned the art of Muay Thai. This in­cluded mem­bers of the royal fam­ily. Monks taught Muay Thai at vil­lage tem­ples. Un­der King Nare­suan in the Ayud­dhaya pe­riod, there was the first great up­surge of in­ter­est in Muay Thai as a sport; new fight­ing tech­niques evolved. Muay Thai moved away from the early com­bat­ant roots found in the war­fare man­ual known as the King Prachao Sua, known as ‘the Tiger King’ was in­stru­men­tal in pop­u­lar­is­ing Muay Thai as he often fought incog­nito in vil­lage con­tests, beat­ing lo­cal cham­pi­ons. While a pris­oner of war in Burma, Nai Khanom Dtom sin­gle-hand­edly de­feated ten of Burma’s best box­ers, which in turn granted him free­dom to re­turn back to his home­land. His tri­umph is cel­e­brated ev­ery year on March 17th as Na­tional Muay Thai Day.


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