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The world’s first known tooth­brush was de­scribed in a Chi­nese en­cy­clopae­dia in 1498. The tooth­brush was made from pig bris­tles set into a bam­boo han­dle. This new bas­tion of den­tal hy­giene spread to Europe some 150 to 200 years later. ag

Ca­sio in­tro­duced the first elec­tronic cal­cu­la­tor in 1957, spar­ing chil­dren from hav­ing to learn how to do long di­vi­sion with pen­cil and pa­per – or the aba­cus. The 14-A cal­cu­la­tor could add, sub­tract, mul­ti­ply, and di­vide numbers up to 14 dig­its long. The

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