Rise and Fall

Through­out his­tory, em­pires have risen to claim and con­trol large swaths of ter­ri­tory, rul­ing peo­ples un­der a sin­gle sov­er­eign author­ity. In­evitably, the ba­ton of power is passed onto the next con­tender. Here, Asian­geo­graphic maps the great power mo­nop­oli

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An­cient Egyp­tian Em­pire

Fa­mous Ruler:


1–2 mil­lion peo­ple 1,000,000 square kilo­me­tres Po­lit­i­cal Peak: 1250BCE


Achaemenid Em­pire (First Per­sian Em­pire) • Fa­mous Ruler:

• •

Xerxes I

50 mil­lion peo­ple 8,500,000 square kilo­me­tres Po­lit­i­cal Peak: 480BCE

Umayyad Caliphate

Fa­mous Ruler:

Abd al-ma­lik

62 mil­lion peo­ple 15,000,000 square kilo­me­tres Po­lit­i­cal Peak: 690

Mon­gol Em­pire

Fa­mous Ruler:

Genghis Khan

110 mil­lion peo­ple 33,000,000 square kilo­me­tres Po­lit­i­cal Peak: 1279 For more de­tails on the re­spec­tive ter­ri­to­ries con­trolled by each em­pire, visit www.asian­geo.com/her­itage/em­pires

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South Asia


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