The An­cient sage that shaped China’s so­cial codes and val­ues

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from his philoso­phies on an­ces­tor ven­er­a­tion and fil­ial piety – which are at the cor­ner­stone of Chi­nese cul­ture – the an­cient sage was well known for be­ing scrupu­lous about meals and meal­time eti­quette.

Con­fu­cius, whose Chi­nese name was Kong Qiu, was an ed­u­ca­tor and scholar. Born in China’s Lu state, he was a politi­cian for a pe­riod in his life. His teach­ings, recorded in the Analects, in­cluded guide­lines on so­cial in­ter­ac­tion, re­spect for elders and fam­ily loy­alty. They also de­tail rules about how food should be pre­pared and con­sumed, chief of which was main­tain­ing a mod­er­ate

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