Nowruz co­in­cides with the spring equinox in March. This typ­i­cally falls on March 20 or 21, though some coun­tries ex­tend the cel­e­bra­tions for up to two weeks

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Go with the flow! Nowruz is a fam­ily af­fair and you might well be in­vited to join in the cel­e­bra­tions by a lo­cal host. Join in with ev­ery­thing you can.


Kaza­khstan Uzbek­istan Turk­menistan Kyr­gyzs­tan Ta­jik­istan Kaza­khstan (March 21–24), Kyr­gyzs­tan (March 21), Ta­jik­istan (March 20–23), Turk­menistan (March 21–22), Uzbek­istan (March 21); and in West Asia: Azer­bai­jan (March 20–26) and Iran (March 20–24)

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Left Young girls per­form a tra­di­tional dance dur­ing Nowruz in Zaraf­shan, Uzbek­istan

Young girls in tra­di­tional dress dur­ing Maslenitsa in Gatchina, Len­ingrad Oblast, Rus­sia

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