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Ethiopian wolves have a num­ber of ro­dent-catch­ing tech­niques, the most com­mon be­ing stalk­ing. They creep for­wards low to the ground to blend in with the brush, ad­vanc­ing in a se­ries of short bursts un­til close enough to pounce. Wolves also use rocks or bushes as cover to leap on un­sus­pect­ing rats, or dig ro­dents out of their tun­nels – this is their favourite method for catch­ing mole rats, and may lead to the de­struc­tion of an en­tire bur­row. They some­times fol­low herds of goats or cat­tle, min­gling with the live­stock so that the an­i­mals act as a kind of mo­bile hide, con­ceal­ing the wolves’ ap­proach.

Rat hunts last from a few sec­onds to as long as an hour

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