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“Sci­ence is the fa­ther of knowl­edge, but opin­ion breeds ig­no­rance.” So said Hip­pocrates, and I have to say I agree.

Fact and opin­ion are two dif­fer­ent things. Per­haps oc­ca­sion­ally we con­cur to state­ments be­cause we think they are facts, but re­ally they are just strongly en­forced opin­ions. And it is in the grey area be­tween th­ese two that doubts and fads arise.

But if you’re armed with a cu­ri­ous mind, you can dare to delve into un­seen depths to un­cover fact from fad. In this month’s is­sue, we’ve done ex­actly that. First, we help you dis­cover the deep sea with a spread on Blue Planet II,a nat­u­ral his­tory TV se­ries that is bound to blow your mind. We have cu­rated for you spe­cial be­hind-the-scene sto­ries from across the episodes, straight from mem­bers of the crew. 70% of our planet is wa­ter, yet how much do we re­ally know about our oceans? Dive in deep with the show and find out more about our mag­nif­i­cent oceans. (p38)

Back on land, we in­ves­ti­gate the re­al­ity be­hind the many rec­om­mended di­ets do­ing the rounds th­ese days. The ques­tion is not just whether the food we eat is good for us, but also whether the food we eat is good for our planet. Read what Josh Gab­batis un­cov­ers about the food we eat on page 54. This is­sue we also have for you a Q&A with Nick Higham, au­thor of the book King Arthur. Read as he an­swers press­ing ques­tions about the Arthurian leg­end, such as who the ‘real’ King Arthur was, where is Camelot, and is the Ex­cal­ibur real? (p48)

That’s it for now. Un­til next time, cheers!

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