Why can’t we vi­su­alise more than three di­men­sions?

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Our brains have been shaped by gen­er­a­tions of evo­lu­tion. The fact that we are un­able to think in more than three di­men­sions sug­gests that vi­su­al­is­ing four or more di­men­sions sim­ply pro­vided no sur­vival or re­pro­duc­tive value to our an­ces­tors – this isn’t re­ally surprising since our daily lives are played out in a three-di­men­sional phys­i­cal space. It is likely for sim­i­lar rea­sons that we also find it so dif­fi­cult to imagine truly in­fi­nite space or eter­nity and other meta­phys­i­cal con­cepts. While we can ap­pre­ci­ate the mean­ing of th­ese terms, we strug­gle to vi­su­alise them be­cause our brains have adapted to process the lim­ited space and time that we oc­cupy. CJ

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