Do dogs have a con­cept of time?

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Dogs have a sense of time but prob­a­bly not a ‘con­cept’ of time. Hu­man episodic mem­ory means we pin­point times in the past and look for­ward to the fu­ture. Stud­ies sug­gest that dogs live very much in the present but, like us, their in­ter­nal clock or cir­ca­dian rhythm reg­u­lates body pro­cesses such as when to go to sleep and get up. Left alone they may be­come in­creas­ingly anx­ious, in­di­cat­ing that they have an aware­ness of the pas­sage of time. Plus, they re­act to a plethora of be­havioural cues as though they know that ‘it is time for walkies’. But don’t be fooled – dogs haven’t mas­tered time man­age­ment yet! CC

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