Do other mam­mals go through the menopause?

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Hu­mans, killer whales and pi­lot whales are the only mam­mals that ex­pe­ri­ence menopause. We all share a rel­a­tively long life­span that in­volves moth­ers liv­ing in close quar­ters with their daugh­ters. It is thought that the older fe­males have there­fore evolved to for­feit their abil­ity to re­pro­duce so that they can use their time and en­ergy to nur­ture their daugh­ters’ off­spring, as they are more likely to sur­vive than the age­ing fe­male’s young. This is known as the ‘grand­mother hy­poth­e­sis’. Also, grand­moth­ers do not want to com­pete for vi­tal re­sources, such as food – another good rea­son to evolve a menopausal strat­egy. CC

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