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Bac­te­ria that nav­i­gate us­ing mag­netic fields could be used to de­liver drugs into tu­mours. The bac­te­ria, Mag­ne­to­coc­cus

mar­i­nus, have a nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem based on mag­ne­tised crys­tals to help them find their way around the deep sea. Sci­en­tists at the Na­tional In­sti­tute of Bio­med­i­cal Imag­ing and Bio­engi­neer­ing in the US have ex­ploited this abil­ity by in­ject­ing the bac­te­ria into mice with can­cer. They then gen­er­ated mag­netic fields to guide the bac­te­ria to­wards the tu­mours. The next step is to mod­ify the bac­te­ria so they can de­ploy a cargo of tu­mourkilling mol­e­cules.

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