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It is a chronic skin con­di­tion char­ac­ter­ized by por­tions of the skin los­ing their pig­ment. It oc­curs when skin pig­ment cells die or are un­able to func­tion. Vi­tiligo pa­tients are of­ten seen with small to large white patches on their body, hands, legs and even face. It is a dis­ease that strips one of their self-con­fi­dence and self-es­teem. Treat­ments are avail­able to re­store colour to the white patches of the skin.

Med­i­cal treat­ments such as: • Medicines to be ap­plied top­i­cally or orally. • Treat­ment that uti­lizes ul­tra­vi­o­let A (UVA) light (PUVA) • Re­mov­ing the colour from other ar­eas so they match the white patches.

Sur­gi­cal treat­ments such as: • Skin grafts from an in­di­vid­ual’s own tis­sues. • Tat­too­ing small ar­eas of skin.

Other treat­ments: • Sun­screens • Cos­met­ics, such as makeup or dye, to cover the white patches • Coun­sel­ing and sup­port.

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