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Mainly cul­ti­vated in the Sichuan and Guizhou prov­inces of China, Huang Bai, or Amur Cork Tree Bark, is com­monly used to clear heat or dry damp­ness and elim­i­nate harm­ful tox­ins, while re­in­forc­ing the liver, kid­ney and blad­der merid­i­ans. Work­ing won­ders for sen­si­tive or ir­ri­ta­tion­prone skin, Huang Bai can also be com­bined with other toxin-cleans­ing herbs, such as Ku Shen or Huang Lian, to re­lieve eczema and calm in­flamed skin, thus re­veal­ing a sup­ple and bal­anced com­plex­ion.

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