Your styling prob­lems fixed

Easy tips to keep your hair as your stylist in­tended.

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1 Your bangs al­ways fall flat on a hot and hu­mid day Ethan Tang, Master Stylist of Shunji Mat­suo, sug­gests do­ing what the Korean celebs do – use a smaller hair roller and roll up the mid sec­tion of your bangs, and larger rollers to curl the sides of your bangs out­wards. Use a hairdryer to heat the top and bot­tom of the rollers for a few sec­onds. This will give your bangs long-last­ing and nat­u­ral-look­ing vol­ume.

2 You had no time to blow-dry your long locks this morn­ing Don’t fret. Ethan says wait for your hair to nat­u­rally dry. When you get into the of­fice, tie up your hair into a loose bun and keep any fly­aways in place with hair wax.

3 Your curls are a frizzy and dull mess Curls don’t re­flect light as well as straight hair so ap­ply­ing a shine spray is the eas­i­est way to fix that. To tame frizz, use a large curl­ing iron. It de­fines your curls, and smooths the cu­ti­cles so your hair ap­pears shinier and smoother. To add life to limp or frizzy curls, mix equal parts con­di­tioner and warm wa­ter and spritz onto your curls un­til slightly wet then let hair dry nat­u­rally.

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