What makes a guy swipe left?

In which we ask three men to get can­did on a very hot topic.

CLEO (Singapore) - - LIFESTYLE -

“I have three deal-break­ers on The first is dat­ing apps. when her pro­file pic­ture is a group photo, be­cause you can’t tell which one she is. It also shows she’s prob­a­bly not a very con­fi­dent per­son. The sec­ond deal­breaker is when she cor­rects my English. I think we can leave the gram­mar polic­ing to the third date – when you do it on a dat­ing app, you’ll just come off as a know-itall. The last is when her pro­file pic­ture doesn’t show her face. It’s su­per­fi­cial, but that’s how the whole app works. We need to be able to put a face to a name in or­der to make a con­nec­tion. It’s a huge no-no when we see things like ba­bies, ran­dom sun­sets, or just boobs (not that I’m com­plain­ing!).” “A deal-breaker would be if some­one dis­plays just one pic­ture – of a dog or any­thing that’s not their face – and noth­ing else. This makes the user sus­pi­cious for a num­ber of rea­sons: 1) they might be us­ing that pic­ture as bait, 2) it makes us guys think that a reg­u­lar pic­ture of this girl would be… less than de­sir­able and, 3) the user is prob­a­bly The sec­ond deal a bot. -breaker is if her bio lists very high ex­pec­ta­tions of their match. Al­most ev­ery­one uses Tin­der light-heart­edly, so read­ing a bio like that would make us feel like we might be putting too much on our plate. We’re just look­ing to have fun and have a de­cent con­ver­sa­tion. The big­gest deal-breaker for me is when some­one matches with me then asks for ad­vice on work­ing out and nu­tri­tion. I’m not on a dat­ing app to give a one-on-one con­sul­ta­tion on a 12-week trans­for­ma­tion pro­gramme; that’s some­thing you should ask a per­sonal trainer!” “Hon­estly, noth­ing screams “Go away!” more than a pro­file pic­ture with a RBF (rest­ing b*tch face) cou­pled with a bio that goes some­thing like “talk to me first or I won’t talk to you”. An­other deal-breaker would be over­re­act­ing to mes­sages. Most guys are us­ing dat­ing apps ca­su­ally, and the last thing we’d want af­ter com­ing back from a long day of work is a string of mes­sages from a girl ask­ing if we’re still alive. But the top deal-breaker for me would It’s quite a turn-off be when she’s trying to be some­body she’s not. to have some­one try too hard to project her ‘ideal self’ just to im­press. As cliché as it sounds, be­ing your­self is the best thing you can do on a dat­ing app. If your match can’t live with that, he doesn’t de­serve to be with you.”

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