PE­RIOD SEX: Great, not gross, says this guy

Joe DeMarini makes the case for hav­ing sex when you’ve got your pe­riod (and why your guy should be into it too)...

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As my Ital­ian friend once said, “a good cap­tain can sail the red sea.” He’s ab­so­lutely right. If ei­ther you or your man feel faint from a few drops of blood, that’s one thing, but it’s high time the “gross” fac­tor was re­moved from the dis­cus­sion of pe­riod sex. It’s a nat­u­ral process and, hon­estly, sex is al­ready messy. So, al­low me to make my case:

You want it

Women typ­i­cally have height­ened li­bidos right be­fore and dur­ing their pe­ri­ods, and there’s no rea­son to let a lit­tle blood (30 to 40 millil­itres over sev­eral days, on av­er­age) get in the way of some stellar sexy times. Your pe­riod hasn’t stopped you from do­ing any­thing else, has it? That in­sa­tiable de­sire makes it a great op­por­tu­nity to bust out some of those kinks you’ve been won­der­ing about, too, and he’d be crazy to turn down the chance to try some­thing new.

He to­tally digs it

So he may not be a “blood­hound” (yes, that is the term for dudes who are su­per into pe­riod sex), but I can guar­an­tee you that he’s got big­ger con­cerns than a lit­tle blood — like STIs and preg­nancy. Yes, preg­nant, be­cause you can still get preg­nant on your pe­riod, so pro­tec­tion is still es­sen­tial. Plus, if he’s gen­uinely into you, some­thing that hap­pens to most women on Earth isn’t going to de­ter him from a fan­tas­tic night.

Ev­ery­thing is elec­tric

Be­cause your pelvic area and gen­i­tals are ex­tra swollen dur­ing your pe­riod, ev­ery­thing is far more sen­si­tive than usual. This is a bless­ing and a curse: take it slower at the be­gin­ning, so that when things really get heated, ev­ery­body’s hav­ing a good time. Luck­ily, pe­riod blood can act as a nat­u­ral lu­bri­cant, so things should glide along smoothly.

Sweet re­lief

Or­gasms are the ul­ti­mate painkiller: they can re­lieve cramps and the symp­toms of PMS ef­fort­lessly. Or­gasms can even shorten pe­ri­ods! The as­so­ci­ated con­trac­tions of the uterus ex­pels blood and lin­ing more quickly than the nat­u­ral process alone. And hey, this is some­thing you don’t need any­one else to do for you.

Man­age the mess

One of the most com­mon crit­i­cisms is the re­lated mess (cue “Red Wed­ding” com­par­isons) but that’s kind of a cop-out. If you’re that wor­ried about your sheets, throw a towel down or take it to the shower. An­other thing to keep in mind is grav­ity: if you’re on top, blood is more likely to leak out — let the forces of na­ture work with you, not against you.

Go with the flow

The most im­por­tant thing about pe­riod sex, as with all sex, is you. If it’s not your thing, then it’s not your thing. Con­sider, though, whether your hangups are in­ter­nal (you’ve de­cided it’s weird) or ex­ter­nal (your part­ner/society has de­cided it’s weird). Like­wise, if your guy isn’t in­ter­ested in pe­riod sex, that’s fine too. Just be wary: it’s one thing to be turned off by the sight of blood, but if he still ex­pects you to please him with­out re­cip­ro­ca­tion, then maybe he doesn’t have your needs at heart. The “pe­riod week is blowjob week” mantra needs to be put to pas­ture ASAP. Sex is sup­posed to be fun and nat­u­ral, so why not get out there, have fun and take a cruise on the red sea?

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