“I’m too fat/short/skinny/ tall/pale/dark”

CLEO (Singapore) - - ADULTING -

Yes, we’ve all had days when we’ve looked in the mir­ror and not liked what we saw; when those cute jeans are sud­denly too tight. Are we too hard on our­selves? The an­swer is always yes. As Justin Bieber said, “you should go and love your­self” be­cause this is who you are. It’s going to take a mind­set change, from look­ing at the neg­a­tive to look­ing at the pos­i­tive, so in­stead of see­ing your flaws, you should focus on what you like about your­self, and the things your body al­lows you to do – like eat­ing fries or or­gas­ming.

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