Dick Pics: Yay or Nay?

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“Dick pics get a bad rap be­cause, well, some guys are dicks. So let’s get this straight – I don’t ac­tu­ally hate dick pics. I just dis­like the un­so­licited ones, be­cause that’s just rude. I barely know you, what makes you think I want to see your peen? To be clear, I don’t go around so­lic­it­ing dick pics, but when you’ve been dat­ing some­one for a while or are in a re­la­tion­ship, it’s not un­com­mon to sext.

So now we’ve es­tab­lished that dick pics are only OK if they’re not un­so­licited, let’s move on to the ac­tual picture it­self. Just ask a ran­dom sam­ple of girls and you’d be sur­prised at the amount of ef­fort that goes into send­ing nudes. A Google search will also throw up dozens of ar­ti­cles for women on how to take amaz­ing nudes. But most of the time, you just don’t see the same amount of ef­fort from guys. Is it re­ally that hard (hehe) to art-di­rect it a lit­tle first? It’s pretty ob­vi­ous when a guy just whips it out with­out much thought and snaps it as it is, which can look a lit­tle sad. It’s like what Thad Cas­tle said on Blue

Moun­tain State when giv­ing a les­son on dick pics: “The key is ef­fort, gen­tle­men.”

And the best dick pic I’ve re­ceived thus far? It was from some­one who let me know he was go­ing to send me one, used soft light­ing, knew what his most flat­ter­ing an­gle was and did a lit­tle bit of groom­ing. It has been close to a year since we last saw each other, but it still stuck with me, so he clearly did some­thing right.” “Un­less it’s clear that the girl he’s tex­ting wants them, I don’t get why some guys send un­so­licited dick pics. Sure, if he’s well-en­dowed, that might be im­pres­sive. But the sheer au­dac­ity of send­ing one and think­ing he’d get a pos­i­tive re­sponse is a turn off. So while I’m able to ad­mire a hand­some stal­lion, I’ll still keep a dis­tance from one that’s un­safe for rid­ing.

Un­so­licited dick pics pretty much say that the guy has no per­son­al­ity what­so­ever, and so re­sorts to get­ting naked to try and im­press. Thank­fully, it’s the age of the In­ter­net, so I think women have be­come un­fazed by un­so­licited dick pics. In fact, I’m more dis­ap­pointed than any­thing when I re­ceive one be­cause that’s one less guy to talk to. No one wants to go fur­ther with a creep.

Any­how, here’s a fun way to shut down some­one who sends you an un­so­licted dick pick: send him back a picture of a bet­ter-look­ing peen and say ‘this is how a dick with a fu­ture looks like’. Then ap­ply cold wa­ter to burnt area.

As for dick pics in gen­eral, even if it’s from a lover, I can’t say I get very thrilled. I much rather he em­ploy a sense of hu­mour to get me ex­cited. And when I’m ex­cited, his dick will end up in places – not just in a picture.”

“While I’m able to ad­mire a hand­some stal­lion, I’ll keep a dis­tance from one un­safe for rid­ing.”

Adora Wong, Writer

So­phie Hong, Se­nior Fea­tures Writer

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