Beat the BLOAT

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That bloated feel­ing sucks – so here’s what you can do to try and keep it at bay (and why it hap­pens in the first place!)

You may be fa­mil­iar with this sce­nario: you haven’t eaten for hours, yet your stom­ach feels full. In fact, it’s quite swollen, and pos­si­bly hurt­ing too.

You probably know by now that this is bloat­ing, a sen­sa­tion of full­ness in the ab­domen that’s usu­ally caused by ex­cess wind or wa­ter. It’s not only re­ally un­com­fort­able, but can be em­bar­rass­ing if it’s ac­com­pa­nied by burp­ing and fart­ing.

The good news? You’re hardly alone in this. “Bloat­ing as a symp­tom is sur­pris­ingly com­mon.” says Dr Reuben Wong, a gas­troen­terol­o­gist at gutCARE, Gle­nea­gles Hos­pi­tal. “While we don’t have sta­tis­tics, it’s one of the most com­mon com­plaints

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