This ren­di­tion of Teochew beef noo­dles is in­spired by Thai-teochew cui­sine. Thai basil adds a hint of fresh­ness to lift the hearty noo­dle broth. Brisket cre­ates a fuller mouth­feel with its fat­ti­ness and tex­ture, and also im­parts a pleas­ant gami­ness to the soup.

Pair with: The Yel­low Van Pale Ale, which is light-bod­ied and smooth, with a faint fruiti­ness and the bit­ter­ness of cit­rus pith.

Serves 6

Prep time 30 min­utes Cook time 4 hours

beef brisket

1kg beef brisket 3 cloves of gar­lic shal­lots

1 spring onion root 1 co­rian­der root 2 tbsp Chi­nese wine 5 cups oys­ter sauce 2 litres wa­ter 50g waxed pork 3 dried lo­tus leaves

» But­ter­fly beef brisket, then roll it up gen­tly and se­cure with butcher’s string. » In a pot, stir-fry gar­lic, shal­lots, spring onion root and co­rian­der root un­til fra­grant, then add Chi­nese wine to deglaze.

» Add oys­ter sauce and stir, then re­duce fire to medium heat.

» Add brisket roll and make sure brisket is well cov­ered. Add wa­ter and waxed pork.

» Bring mix­ture to a boil, then cook at medium heat for about 3 hours or un­til the meat is ten­der. Top up with wa­ter when nec­es­sary to make sure that the brisket is sub­merged at all times. To en­sure even cook­ing, dried lo­tus leaves can be added to the top to make sure the brisket is cov­ered.

» Re­move brisket from pot. Slice just be­fore serv­ing. Re­serve the broth for use with the soup base.

flavoured egg

6 eggs at room tem­per­a­ture 4 tbsp soya sauce 500ml wa­ter

2 tbsp Chi­nese wine

» Bring a pot of wa­ter to boil, then add room tem­per­a­ture eggs and boil for 5 min­utes and 30 sec­onds.

» Place eggs into an ice bath im­me­di­ately and al­low to sit for 15 min­utes.

» In a sep­a­rate bowl, add soya sauce and a dash of wa­ter and Chi­nese wine. Mix evenly.

» Shell eggs gen­tly, then store eggs into the soya sauce mix­ture overnight be­fore serv­ing.

beef noo­dles se­same oil, as de­sired

Hong Kong-style egg noo­dles, as de­sired 1 tbsp chilli oil

30g co­rian­der, chopped a pinch of black pepper a pinch of fish pow­der (re­fer to flat fish pow­der in Smoked Egg­plant Salad recipe) 2 stalks of bak choy re­served beef brisket broth

1 cup chicken stock or wa­ter

80g pick­led mus­tard greens, chopped 30g spring onions, chopped a pinch of bonito flakes a dash of chilli oil

» Bring a pot of wa­ter to boil and add a dash of se­same oil. Add noo­dles and stir vig­or­ously with chop­sticks to en­sure the noo­dles are evenly cooked. Once cooked, place noo­dles in a wa­ter bath and sieve dry.

» In a serv­ing bowl, add chilli oil, co­rian­der, black pepper, fish pow­der and se­same oil. Add cooked noo­dles and mix evenly.

» Mean­while, blanch bak choy.

» Slice beef brisket and place on noo­dles, then add bak choy and flavoured egg to the serv­ing bowl.

» In an­other pot, add re­served beef brisket broth and chicken stock or wa­ter and bring the mix­ture to a boil.

» Add pick­led mus­tard greens to the serv­ing bowl. Pour broth into the serv­ing bowl. Top with gen­er­ous amounts of spring onions, bonito flakes, and a dash of se­same oil and chilli oil, then serve.

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