(Beeswax Cooked Hokkaido Scal­lops, Black Gar­lic, Yo­gurt, Saf­fron and Or­ange)

The mild taste of scal­lops ben­e­fits from pair­ing of bold, strong and sharp flavours. The beeswax con­trib­utes a pleas­ant sweet­ness, while the or­ange in­tro­duces a zesty tang.


Serves 1 Prep time 1 hour Cook time 10 min­utes


3 Hokkaido scal­lops

100g beeswax (avail­able from Su­per­na­ture)

» Ex­tract and clean scal­lop meat

» In a pan, melt beeswax over slow fire un­til it reaches 95°C. Then pour melted beeswax over the cleaned scal­lops. Set aside for 30 min­utes and then ex­tract the scal­lops from the beeswax.

or­ange-saf­fron sauce 1 or­ange 10ml dry white wine pinch of salt

1g saf­fron pis­tils 20ml creamy yo­ghurt 5g corn starch

» Juice or­ange through a strainer into a large mea­sur­ing cup. Set aside. » In a small pot, mix or­ange juice, wine, salt and saf­fron, and bring it to a sim­mer. Cool the mix­ture down be­fore adding yo­ghurt and starch.

» Blend the yo­ghurt and starch mix un­til it is slightly thick.


1 black gar­lic clove (avail­able from Lit­tle Farms) warm water

1 Ja­panese cu­cum­ber, finely diced a hand­ful of mi­cro herbs

» Blend black gar­lic and warm water into a smooth cream.

» Place a scal­lop on top of diced cu­cum­bers, then add a dol­lop of or­ange­saf­fron sauce and black gar­lic cream. Fin­ish with mi­cro herbs.

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