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MaHB / Funny* joke from a beau­ti­ful woman

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Wanna hear a clean joke? Johnny had a bath with bub­bles. Wanna hear a dirty joke? Bub­bles is a man. Re­mem­ber that slow crawl from plucky kid to angst-filled teen? Na­dia Rah­mat re­calls the awk­ward pu­berty stage all too well, but what was borne from ado­les­cent pain yielded some­thing unique. As a teenager, Rah­mat’s low self­es­teem was want­ing. “When I was 13 or 14, I gained some con­fi­dence and de­cided to primp my­self,” she says, “but a few of the girls in school said, ‘Oh, Na­dia is just try­ing to get with the guys,’ and wrote th­ese mean things on desks that were di­rected at me.” She grew de­spon­dent, but her mum, in all her sagely mum-ness, said, “They don’t know you. Just do your thing and be true to your­self.” Soon, Rah­mat pulled her­self out of her funk; her self-as­sur­ance grew. Dress­ing to the beat of her own drum and car­ing not one whit for her crit­ics, her eclec­ti­cism found favour with the-pow­ers-that-be at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Rah­mat be­came one of 11 faces for its SS15 cam­paign. “Ini­tially, when peo­ple ask me to model, it’s usu­ally to fit in with a cer­tain theme, but soon, they no­tice that I can do other stuff,” she says, re­fer­ring to her re­cent Gucci shoot for Malaysia. In the spread, you can see her per­son­al­ity mix­ing with the lux­u­ria of the out­fits. Now rep­re­sented by Up­front Mod­els, her min­ders’ plans for her to ex­tend far be­yond our fair shores. We ask Rah­mat what she would say to her sec­ondary school haters should their paths ever cross, and she chooses to be the big­ger per­son. But as suck­ers for we’ll say it on her be­half:

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