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A leop­ard can’t change its spots, but you can.

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sure you all re­mem­ber from Pri­mary 3 science class that, in na­ture, it is usu­ally the male of the species that has the colour­ful plumage, long mane and gen­eral bio-bling re­quired to at­tract a mate. So why is it then that it’s the other way around in hu­mans?

What­ever the rea­son may be, it’s in­con­testable. But hon­estly, guys, how long do you spend get­ting ready be­fore head­ing out? You prob­a­bly take a quick glance at your re­flec­tion on the back of a dirty spoon and de­cide: “That’ll do.” Now, un­less you are Ryan Gosling, you are sadly, hope­lessly and for­ever wrong. And like it or not, the first im­pres­sion that we have of peo­ple comes from vis­ual cues.

I’m not say­ing that you should spend a con­sid­er­able amount of time in front of a mir­ror preen­ing or evening out your skin tone with foun­da­tion, but I have to ad­mit that we ladies like one thing, and that is a guy who makes an ef­fort. I don’t mean go­ing to the bar­ber for a trim and a shave be­fore ev­ery date, and then show­ing up in a freshly pressed Ar­mani suit. But the grunge trend is deader than Kurt Cobain, so throw­ing on a wash­ing ma­chine-stretched T-shirt is a sure­fire way to en­sure you’ll go home to Madam Palm and her five daugh­ters that night.

Slovenly doesn’t stop at what you wear ei­ther. Think Boris John­son. If you’re on a date or look­ing for love, the only time that you should have hair that looks like you’ve just come out of a wind tun­nel is if you’re do­ing some­thing fun to­gether, like cy­cling or parachut­ing. Oth­er­wise, look groomed—brushes, gel, mousse and wax were in­vented for a rea­son.

When it comes to footwear, I con­cede that you guys have sig­nif­i­cantly fewer choices than we ladies do. Be­lieve it or not, though, we al­ways no­tice your shoes. Whether it’s a wingtip or a brogue, a loafer or a sneaker, just make sure it goes with what­ever else you’re wear­ing. And no Crocs. Ever.

I’m sure that you know Crocs are sex­ual kryp­tonite. Imagine meet­ing a girl for the first time and she vom­its on you. Then kicks you in the balls. And then says she hates you. That’s the ef­fect Crocs have on women. If you have to err on the side of com­fort or are head­ing to the beach, in­vest in a nice pair of Birken­stocks or Hava­ianas. It’ll show that you don’t mind spend­ing on qual­ity, and that you ac­tu­ally have a clue.

One last piece of ad­vice: when in doubt, tone it down. We ladies have a more com­plex vet­ting sys­tem than what passes muster out in the wild, but we’re also likely to give you (at least) a chance. Hav­ing said that, if you’d like to go the whole nine yards, we’re just as happy to be hap­pily sur­prised.

Words by Tina Wang

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