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Prada’s iconic Luna Rossa scent man­i­fests in two equally cap­ti­vat­ing it­er­a­tions.

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Prada’s Luna Rossa fra­grance owes its cre­ation to an in­nocu­ous meet­ing—one be­tween Pa­trizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada, and Ger­man Fr­ers, one of the world’s fore­most yacht de­sign­ers. The dis­cus­sion of a cruis­ing boat led to a provoca­tive chal­lenge—“Why not the Amer­ica’s Cup?” The gaunt­let had been thrown. In two weeks, Bertelli or­gan­ised a crew from scratch—a process that’d usu­ally take many months. Forged from un­ex­pected be­gin­nings, the Luna Rossa team has since es­tab­lished it­self as one of the most renowned com­peti­tors of the Amer­ica’s Cup—the old­est and most pres­ti­gious tro­phy in sport.

But what has this got to do with the evoca­tive fra­grance en­cased within its Yves Be­har-de­signed bot­tle? Sim­ple—at its heart, the Luna Rossa team em­bod­ies all the fun­da­men­tals of Prada it­self. Con­sider the sail­boat en­gi­neered from cutting-edge tech­nol­ogy and pro­pelled by in­no­va­tion, yet helmed by the skill, de­ter­mi­na­tion and grace of its crew, in a sport im­mersed in a rich her­itage. Like­wise, an un­ex­pected yet win­ning com­bi­na­tion of ex­tremes re­flects the same pi­o­neer­ing DNA in Prada. Cap­tur­ing that unique jux­ta­po­si­tion in a mas­cu­line fra­grance has re­sulted in a scent that is at once both al­lur­ing and dy­namic.

Prada’s ar­che­typal Luna Rossa fra­grance is re­fresh­ingly crisp, with a zip­pi­ness that comes from top notes of bitter orange and laven­der. The essence of rugged nat­u­ral el­e­ments and vast, open spa­ces is evoked by an aro­matic heart of clary sage and spearmint nanah, which steers into a re­fined fin­ish, sub­tly de­noted by a sen­sual warm wood-and-am­ber-in­fused base. It is a fra­grance that chal­lenges the senses, leav­ing in its wake, a unique and con­tem­po­rary sig­na­ture. It de­fines a mod­ern mas­culin­ity even as it dis­ori­en­tates to cre­ate alchemy and its suc­cess is un­der­scored in an exclusive lin­eage—a fam­ily of fra­grances linked by their her­itage and com­pelling scent pro­files yet dis­tinc­tive in their in­di­vid­u­al­ity. The most re­cent ad­di­tion is Prada’s Luna Rossa Car­bon. Exquisitely mod­ern, it com­bines a sharp min­er­al­ity with pol­ished so­phis­ti­ca­tion. The scent is en­cased within a sleek, smoky glass bot­tle that is an­chored by a light-ab­sorb­ing black base. To­gether, they man­i­fest the scent’s con­trast­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics of so­phis­ti­ca­tion to­gether with a raw edgi­ness. It is a fra­grance that be­longs to the bold and ad­ven­tur­ous. Men who em­brace the com­plex com­bi­na­tions of this metic­u­lous fra­grance, which deftly blends the green cit­rus of Vert de Berg­amote and the woody notes of patchouli to­gether with a sub­lime am­ber base of am­broxan, are those who dare to go against pre­vail­ing winds. Like its pre­de­ces­sor, Prada’s Luna Rossa Car­bon is a scent that chal­lenges and ex­cels. Like its pre­de­ces­sor, the scents in Prada’s Luna Rossa fam­ily are cre­ated for men like our Esquire read­ers, gen­tle­men who are cap­tains of their own des­tiny.

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