Paco Ra­banne’s lat­est per­fume, the Pure XS, is ev­ery­thing you ever wanted to be.

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The Pure XS is an amount of some­thing that is more than nec­es­sary, per­mit­ted or de­sir­able. The Pure XS doesn’t con­cern it­self with the opin­ions of sheep dressed in sheep’s cloth­ing. The Pure XS is the only opin­ion that mat­ters. The Pure XS is strip­ping bare. The Pure XS is ex­pos­ing your­self to the mir­ror of your most pow­er­ful self. The Pure XS is a man­i­fes­ta­tion of all you are and all that you will soon be­come.

The Pure XS is beyond ex­cess, it is also pure. The Pure XS is made from the tears of Tyler Dur­den. The Pure XS is made from the tears of your joys and sins. The Pure XS elim­i­nates the “sta­tus” in “sta­tus quo” by turn­ing the “quo” into a high-pitched mat­ing call that a rare bird might make. The Pure XS is quo, quo, quo.

The Pure XS is see­ing a fine grey line and pour­ing black paint over it. The Pure XS is a bor­der that you cross with your shoelaces un­tied. The Pure XS walks the mine­field of medi­ocrity and det­o­nates them with glee. The Pure XS is hav­ing a pic­nic at no man’s land. The Pure XS is the wild west in the far east. The Pure XS is a flag bearer of your code. The Pure XS hears “on” when the world says no. The Pure XS hears “pos­si­ble” in im­pos­si­ble.

The Pure XS fills a candy house with piñatas. The Pure XS is de­bauch­ery, erot­ica and law­less­ness in­car­nate. The Pure XS is the or­der in chaos and the chaos in or­der. The Pure XS is the spirit of jazz creep­ing in­side you like a warm kit­ten. The Pure XS is turn­ing up ev­ery lever of your at­tributes. The Pure XS em­bod­ies your spirit. The Pure XS bears your name. The Pure XS is the very thing you want to be. The Pure XS is you.

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