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win­ter around this time, I go in for a buzz cut. (That’s me above.) Some will say sum­mer is the op­ti­mal time for this, be­liev­ing that more hair equals more warmth. Don’t be­lieve them. Never in his­tory has a head of hair pre­vented hy­pother­mia. You need a hat for the cold no mat­ter what. And if you’re main­tain­ing a stan­dard length, you are go­ing to suf­fer from some se­ri­ous hat hair the minute you pull off that beanie. But the real ben­e­fits of the buzz tran­scend sea­son­al­ity. Sud­denly your morn­ing moves at a much faster clip: no more mess­ing with sham­poo, no more time lost work­ing in prod­uct or cor­rect­ing your part. Tak­ing a lot off the top can also take a lot off your mind. When you stand up to give a pre­sen­ta­tion or sit down for a date, you won’t worry about whether your hair is messed up, be­cause it will al­ways look the same: clean and close-cropped. So why aren’t we all buzzed all the time? Prob­a­bly be­cause most guys have a Sam­son com­plex when it comes to their hair. (Doubt me? Just wait un­til your hair­line starts to re­cede.) Un­less you’re chis­eled from mar­ble, this hair­cut could knock your van­ity down a few pegs. But that can be a good thing, es­pe­cially at the start of a new year. It frees you up to fo­cus on the im­por­tant stuf.

Words by JR Pho­to­graph by Al­lie Hol­loway

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