Da­vide Cer­rato is on a mis­sion to re­con­struct a brand. He’s done it be­fore, and he’ll do it again.

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Cer­rato is a pretty big deal. In the lux­ury watch in­dus­try, at least. The dapper Ital­ian who’s al­most never seen with­out a bowtie is known by one and all as the guy who brought Tu­dor out of obliv­ion and into the spot­light. In­deed, in just three short years, he’d made Tu­dor the hottest sports watch brand on the mar­ket to­day, adored by col­lec­tors and trend­set­ters alike. The ubiq­ui­tous NATO strap trend now em­braced by every­one from ul­tra-high­end lux­ury brands to the fash­ion high street la­bels was, truth­fully, started by him in 2010 with a watch called the Her­itage Chrono.

Since 2015, how­ever, Cer­rato has found him­self in a dif­fer­ent po­si­tion with a dif­fer­ent brand. He now rep­re­sents Mont­blanc as its manag­ing di­rec­tor for the watch divi­sion and a Her­culean task lies ahead. As the man in charge of the lux­ury pen maker’s grow­ing time­piece busi­ness, his job is to es­tab­lish Mont­blanc as a bona fide haute hor­logerie man­u­fac­ture. It won’t be easy; Mont­blanc is a huge com­pany within an even huger con­glom­er­ate, which means change–even pos­i­tive ones–will take time to im­ple­ment. But Cer­rato re­mains un­fazed. Ex­ud­ing noth­ing but con­fi­dence, his track record speaks for it­self.

Esquire: Con­grat­u­la­tions! Mont­blanc per­formed very nicely at the 2017 Only Watch auc­tion. Da­vide Cer­rato: It demon­strates the ap­peal of our watches with the Min­erva move­ment, and that these are nice col­lectible items with a strong re­sale value. This is the first real bench­mark for us and a mes­sage to our col­lec­tors that they’re mak­ing a good in­vest­ment.

Esquire: How ac­cu­rate is this? Da­vide Cer­rato: Auc­tions are al­ways the ther­mome­ter of the brand. We’re now po­si­tioned some­where in the mid­dle, just un­der the strong­est brands but clearly above the small play­ers. This def­i­nitely mir­rors all the in­vest­ment and ef­forts we’ve put into the brand.

Esquire: Are you happy with the level of un­der­stand­ing con­sumers have of Min­erva’s her­itage and watch­mak­ing prow­ess? Da­vide Cer­rato: We are just at the be­gin­ning of a long way. We are com­mu­ni­cat­ing mas­sively about it over the

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