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Back when Hip­pocrates thought hu­man dis­ease was caused by the “bad air” from the swamps, lit­tle did any­one know the Greek physi­cian was on to some­thing. It’s ob­vi­ous that the haze is detri­men­tal to our health be­cause we can see it. But other times, the seem­ingly “clean” air that we breathe is filled with harm­ful par­ti­cles that are as small as 0.1 mi­crons (for a gauge, imag­ine a hu­man hair that’s 100 mi­crons). At 2.5 mi­crons, these par­ti­cles col­lect on the lin­ing of the lungs; while at 0.1, they can find their way into the blood­stream. Af­ter 10 years of R&D, Dyson has come up with the Pure Cool Link pu­ri­fier fan that re­moves 99.5 per­cent of par­ti­cles as small as 0.1 mi­crons. With an en­gine that has a lower face ve­loc­ity (where the ma­chine draws air through the fil­ters; the more ag­gres­sive the force, the higher the chances the par­ti­cles will es­cape back into the room) and a top­shelf HEPA fil­ter, you can be as­sured that once the “bad air” goes in, it will re­main trapped in­side for good.

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