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em­ploy­ees are quick to tell you that the com­pany, and oth­ers like it, came about to serve the new lead­ers of the tech revo­lu­tion. You can also see them as the byprod­uct of an econ­omy that sud­denly ceased to guar­an­tee young peo­ple steady em­ploy­ment. The eco­nomic col­lapse of 2008 and the flood of mil­len­ni­als who’ve since en­tered the work­force have to­gether given us the age of “co-work­ing,” a term WeWork pop­u­lar­ized. The US Cen­sus Bu­reau’s 2015 tally of un­in­cor­po­rated “nonem­ployer busi­nesses”—an of­tenused clas­si­fi­ca­tion for a lot of gige­con­omy work—re­ported that the fig­ure had grown by nearly 20 per­cent, over the pre­vi­ous decade, to 24 mil­lion. Ours has long been a cul­ture of garage

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