A bet­ter sucker

How the Dyson Cy­clone V10 killed the com­pany’s de­vel­op­ment of its range of corded vac­u­ums.

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You’ve heard the ori­gin story—ir­ri­tated with the suc­tion weak­ness of the com­mon­place vac­uum cleaner in 1979, Sir James Dyson set out to cre­ate his own ma­chine. Us­ing a cy­clonic sep­a­ra­tor that could ex­tract dust with­out clog­ging, Dyson slowly be­came a lead­ing pow­er­house in the vac­uum in­dus­try. This new­est model, the V10, has a dig­i­tal mo­tor that’s al­most half the weight of the pre­vi­ous V8 model and it spins faster for bet­ter suc­tion per­for­mance. Its us­age of a ce­ramic, re-en­gi­neered im­peller and ad­di­tional poles al­lows the mo­tor to now spin at 125,000rpm (the V8’s mo­tor only man­ages 110,000rpm). Add to that is the re­design of the de­vice: it looks like a gun—the cy­clones and bin as­sem­bly (where all the dirt is col­lected) have been repo­si­tioned for the air­flow path to be more lin­ear (it also adds 40 per­cent more stor­age for your dirt). This im­proves the Air Watts suc­tion by 20 per­cent and, with the new bin as­sem­bly po­si­tion, you can eas­ily eject your refuse in a ‘point-and-shoot’ method. There are now three power set­tings in this model: the low­est lets you use the ma­chine for an hour; sub­se­quent set­tings will quickly drain the bat­tery (the max­i­mum set­ting gets you about seven min­utes), which might be a draw­back if you live in a man­sion. The good news is that, in keep­ing with Dyson’s ‘a pearl from an oys­ter’ phi­los­o­phy, it’s work­ing hard to im­prove bat­tery life. With all these ad­van­tages—deep cleans car­pets, pow­er­ful suc­tion, er­gonomic, re­duced noise, in­ter­change­abil­ity of cleaner heads with the V8—the V10 model has made such an im­pres­sion on Dyson that the com­pany has put the ki­bosh on any fur­ther de­vel­op­ment of its corded range.

A more stream­lined air­flow means bet­ter suc­tion. The Dyson V10 Cy­clone re­tails for SGD1,199 and is avail­able at au­tho­rised re­tail­ers as well as online at shop.dyson.com.sg.

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