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Prep 1 hr • Cook 20 mins • Serve 1-2

80g sashimi grade salmon slices 40g sashimi grade salmon, cut into strips 1 sheet sushi sea­weed 80g sushi rice 30g Ja­panese cu­cum­ber, juli­enned 15g av­o­cado, cut into strips 10g fish skin cracker 10g wasabi 15g sushi gin­ger 10ml sushi vine­gar

FOR THE MENTAI MAY­ON­NAISE 20g mentai roe 80g Ja­panese may­on­naise

1 Cook Ja­panese rice in a rice cooker ac­cord­ing to packet instructions. 2 In a bowl, com­bine Ja­panese sushi vine­gar with 10g sugar and 10g salt, and mix well. Add some sea kelp to en­hance the flavour. 3 In a sep­a­rate bowl, mix the cooked Ja­panese rice with 15ml of sushi vine­gar and let it cool to room tem­per­a­ture. Set aside for later use. 4 To as­sem­ble sushi roll, place sea­weed on top of a Ja­panese sushi roll mat then spread the rice evenly on the sea­weed. Turn the sheet of sea­weed with sushi rice, rice side down so the sea­weed side is on top. 5 Ar­range cu­cum­ber, salmon, and av­o­cado on the sea­weed side. 6 Break the fish skin cracker to ap­pro­pri­ate size and lace over the in­gre­di­ent. Roll it up. 7 Pre­pare the mentai may­on­naise. In a bowl, com­bine mentai roe with Ja­panese may­on­naise and mix well 8 Trans­fer mentai may­on­naise into a squeeze bot­tle for later use. 9 Ar­range salmon slices over sushi roll neatly, cov­er­ing just the top side of the rice. 10 Cut the sushi roll into 6 pieces. 11 Glaze the salmon with Ja­panese dark soy sauces. 12 Top each piece with mentai may­on­naise then torch the top part with a blow­torch. 13 Serve with wasabi and sushi gin­ger on the side.

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