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A 100% nat­u­ral and zero calo­rie sweet­ener, Ste­via, which of­fers a mild herbal af­ter­taste, is made us­ing ex­tracts of the nat­u­rally sourced Ste­via plant.

Ste­via Re­bau­di­ana Ber­toni, com­monly re­ferred to as ste­via, is a plant na­tive to South Amer­ica. Called “Ka’a He’e” (“sweet herb”) in Guarani, the indigenous lan­guage of Paraguay and parts of Brazil, ste­via has been used as a sweet­ener for hun­dreds of years. The sweet­ness is ex­tracted from the ste­via leaf, which con­tains ste­viol gly­co­sides. This nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring com­po­nent – the ste­viol gly­co­sides, de­ter­mine the strength of the sweet­ness and can be more than 200 times sweeter than sugar. Buy: Equal Ste­via, S$7.85 (box 40 sa­chets) or Sil­ver Spoon Tru­via, S$7.55 (box 60 sa­chets).

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